Bloomington Audi Dealers: Get to Know the Best Cars for Winter Driving

Cars are only as good as their drivers, so after you drive off the parking lot of a Bloomington Audi dealer with one of these cars, be sure to keep the following winter driving safety tips in mind:

Use snow tires with adequate tread. Average tires will not grip when driving on snow and ice. If you tend to drive around a lot during winter time, be sure to purchase winter tires with deeper tread. Moreover, use high-quality screen wash that won’t freeze until at least -35 degrees. If you don’t, you could end up being unable to use your windshield wipers in extreme conditions.


Pre-winter Preparation: Visit a Bloomington Subaru Service Center Soon

The tips above are helpful for maintaining your vehicle’s appearance, but what about its inner workings? The last thing you want to experience when the temperatures drop is to be stranded out in the cold, so this early, it’s wise to have your vehicle inspected and maintained by a certified technician at a Subaru Bloomington service center.